This is what we do:

Design & Space Planning

Office interior design and space planning is the cornerstone of Revo’s expertise in creating effective, professional, aesthetically striking workspaces geared to the specific needs of the individual client. The process is holistic and inspiring, starting with the Revo design team meeting with the client and listening to ideas, key requirements, concerns and objectives.

All design and space planning projects are driven by a creative brief and centre around developing the very best solutions which balance aesthetics, contemporary trends, sustainability and practicality in the real world. The day-to-day business of the client is analysed with the goal of uniquely understanding how the business, staff and departments work.

The composition and constraints of the building are considered along with the job functions, company structure, population and working practices so that maximum efficiency is ensured and the best creative and technical solutions are achieved. At every stage, interior design and corporate image guidelines are adhered to and Revo boasts a talented, multi-faceted and pragmatic interior design team experienced in undertaking projects in leading hotels, offices, restaurants and other client-facing, prestigious locations.

Revo evaluates the furniture and interior equipment and advises on recycling/reselling unused stock with the aim of making the process cost-effective and environmentally-conscious.

Before the project is finalised, Revo helps the clients to visualise the new interior space with a full range of measured CAD visuals, samples, brochures and mood boards.